University of Iowa

Authored by Tia Dacquisto 

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If you have heard Michael Buble’s Home, you will understand what this blog is about. These past couple weeks have been full of ups and downs. I am now just settling into a routine and trying to keep my living space clean. I go to campus every day except for Monday, which is when I do my laundry.

Adjustments and keeping your doors open

The first week abroad is filled with different emotions. Every person is going to feel different emotions at different times throughout the week. I remember reading an article about culture shock a week before I departed for Thessaloniki. I was surprised that it did not hit me right away! It took a while, but it did occur while in my first week of classes.

My top 10 pre-departure travel tips

Being 9 days, 19 hours, and 57 minutes out from my departure for Greece, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my preparation. I have been talking about my Greece adventure since last January! This preparation process has been quite different than what I expected. But, I can honestly say that I learned more about myself, my plans, and my priorities. Here I have compiled 10 tips that I would give to someone who is starting to prepare to go abroad