The University of Iowa

"Taping the World" on January's WorldCanvass

January 11th, 2010

Please join host Joan Kjaer for live music and engaging conversation on WorldCanvass® for January’s intriguing topic: “Taping the World.” The program will be recorded before a live audience on January 22, 2010, from 5-7 PM in the Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Museum and later broadcast over UITV and KRUI-FM.

Imagine life without the tape recorder—an easy to use and ubiquitous piece of technology that has recorded intimate family moments and brought down presidents. It’s preserved and altered musical and cultural life around the world, and it’s influenced social interactions and political movements, preserving history in ways we couldn’t have imagined a hundred years ago.

John Peters and Kembrew McLeod from the field of mass communication will give us an overview; McLeod and Loren Glass—otherwise known as The Killer Apps—will perform on their iPhones; we’ll consider the tape recorder and the artist’s voice with Christopher Merrill, Ed Folsom and Garrett Stewart; journalist Lisa Weaver will share her experience reporting on life and politics in China; and Jeff Porter will discuss his use of tapes as a documentarian. Double bassist and recording artist Volkan Orhon will perform live and on tape. This is not to be missed!

WorldCanvass is produced one Friday a month, from 5-7 PM, in the beautiful Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Building on the campus of the University of Iowa production of International Programs at the UI in partnership with the University of Iowa Pentacrest Museums , UITV and KRUI. For broadcast schedule, please visit the following links to KRUI. International Programs, your global intersection, connects students, faculty, staff, and the Iowa community to the world.