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Monzer “Moe” Shakally

Life after fleeing Syria

Shakally shared his experiences Thursday at a presentation hosted by the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council about his experience growing up as a Syrian asylum seeker.

Turkish official wants to expand influence in Iowa and US

Nearly 6,000 miles from Iowa City, Turkey acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia, and it is now looking to become more of a partner with the United States. “When you look from the shift in politics from the west to the east, Turkey is in the middle of that,” said Fatih Yildiz, the Turkish consul general in Chicago. Yildiz visited the University of Iowa on Monday to speak with students and faculty about creating those relationships at the state and local level.

Bashing China will not benefit America

In this election year, China-bashing once again has become a favorite activity of the presidential hopefuls. Although Chinese policy does not, in of itself, determine the outcome of the election, it nevertheless influences the American public’s assessment and perception of the economic conditions that will likely be central to the outcome.