The University of Iowa

Study Abroad office confirms there are no UI students currently studying in Belgium

March 22nd, 2016

In light of recent terrorist attacks in Brussels which targeted the Brussels International Airport and metro system, the Study Abroad office has confirmed that there are no UI students studying in Belgium at this time.   

The Study Abroad office has reached out to all UI students currently studying Europe to offer support and to ask them to confirm their well-being. UI students in Europe are advised to suspend any independent travel to Brussels and to confirm their registry with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for timely security updates about all locations in any travel itinerary. Additionally, UI students are encouraged to check all travel plans and transportation availability if traveling in Europe. Students should allow extra time to clear security at airports, railway stations, and border crossings.

Being away from home during a major world event can be difficult to cope with and process without usual support networks. For students participating on a formal program abroad, local program staff can offer support. All UI students abroad are covered under the Iowa Regents CISI insurance policy, which includes the availability of free and confidential counseling services.