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Staff Reflections on Disabilities Abroad - Being Blind in Mexico

"What am I doing here?" That question plagued me on that hot September day in 1982 when I first set foot in the house where I would be living with other participants on a Central College study abroad program in Mérida, Mexico. Blind from birth, I was accustomed to quickly taking in and adapting to new environments. But the open spaces, high ceilings, and large rooms so typical of Mérida's colonial architecture made this place feel like anything BUT home.

Staff Reflections on Race and Ethnicity Abroad: The majority has changed

Weeks into my first excursion to China, I distinctly remember standing on a nondescript street corner in a major city, looking around at the press of humanity crowding around me and thinking, “I’m still a minority. Only the majority has changed.” A small realization, yes, but it really did change my current world view in a heartbeat. It really was one of those eureka moments where a chaotic situation suddenly crystallized in my mind. My entire identity had shifted, and I’d barely noticed until it hit me like a sledgehammer.

Get to Know… Autumn Tallman – fyi story

Autumn Tallman’s experiences abroad inform the work she does today. She remembers the challenge of deciding whether or not to come out while participating in a high school study abroad program in Israel at age 15. “Being far from family and friends without my usual support system was harder than I imagined it would be,” says Tallman, who has served as a study abroad advisor and program coordinator in the University of Iowa Office for Study Abroad since 2002.