The University of Iowa

Authored by Quinn Terrill

Showing some Hawkeye pride at the top of a cloud forest mountain with a furry friend.

My last hours abroad

I just left my home away from home. I woke up the last day of my program. I admittedly had been pretending this morning would never have to come. I had 24 hours to submerge myself as far as I can in the beauty of what is San Ramon Costa Rica.
I can never take my eyes off the sunsets here. I may have some vision problems by the end of this semester.

Let free time ring - tiempo libre in Costa Rica

My week begins with class in the afternoon after lunch. Unlike Iowa we have blocks of time for class every day: 8-11am for the morning block and 1-4pm for the afternoon. What more could a science major from the University of Iowa ask for than a late Monday class and no classes on Friday? It is one of the many gifts of this abroad experience. When I’m not in school my free time is completely filled with other activities.