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Q&A with Yufei Qu about her experience as an international student at the University of Iowa

January 27th, 2019
Image of Yufei Qu

Yufei Qu

Hometown:  Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

Field of study:  marketing

Campus involvement:

  • Resident assistant, Daum Residence Hall
  • Teaching assistant, Honors Outreach Ambassadors team
  • Chair, International Student Advisory Board
  • Member, Multicultural Business Student Association
  • Member, Student to Assist Recruitment
  • Member, Student Advancement Network

How did you choose the University of Iowa?
When I was searching for college, I knew I wanted to go into either the medical field or the business field. The University of Iowa is well-known in both fields, and therefore was a perfect choice for me. I looked up pictures of campus and thought it had a really nice campus environment. The University of Iowa stood out to me as the college I wanted to attend because of the campus environment and academic excellence.

What are some of your favorite experiences from your time at the University of Iowa?
I have so many favorites! Some of them include: doing gift exchanges with other resident assistants in Daum and everyone was smiling, biking along the Iowa River on an early summer morning and the weather was gorgeous, and a business etiquette dinner with other students and faculty members in the Tippie College of Business. I also cherish the time I have spent with friends exploring downtown, trying out different sushi places, and discovering interesting shops.

Do you have a favorite place to study on campus?
Definitely on the 4th floor of the business building in the library.

What are some of your favorite things about attending the University of Iowa?
Iowa is a place full of opportunities. It’s a place that allows you to grow as a person and also to excel academically as a student.  I’ve enjoyed the courses I’ve taken at the UI, and I’ve also enjoyed all of the extracurricular involvements available. It’s a diverse place and very inclusive. There are a lot of support resources. This is a place that will help you succeed, develop your passions, and help you prepare for your future career.

I love how there are a lot of helpful academic resources such as the writing centers and the career center. I enjoy discussing interesting academic topics with my professors; they are very kind and approachable. I love attending different celebrative cultural events and having the opportunities to connect with students from diverse backgrounds. There are a lot of opportunities to meet new people, to form connections, and to develop leadership skills. 

The campus is so beautiful, and the river that runs through campus is a great place to bike and walk around. The university buildings are very pleasant to look at. Hancher Auditorium is gorgeous, and I enjoy having all types of leisure activities at the recreation center—particularly using the swimming pool and the lazy river. I’ve gone to free concerts at the Voxman Music Building and there are lots of things to do downtown.

Do you have any advice for future international students at the University of Iowa?
Believe in yourself, try your hardest, and keep your dreams in mind. Be brave to engage in something new, discover what you are sincerely passionate about, and always be proud of how far you have come. There will be obstacles, but don’t take everything on your own—reach out to people who can help you and want you to succeed.

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