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Top of one of the hikes

Only three months left with still so much to do

I don’t really know how I feel about the word accomplished. It takes me back to a Jane Austen novel where women were seen as accomplished if they could read, sing, sew and or play music. Am I accomplished? I am a third year college student, with a decent GPA and two part-time jobs. Also, I am studying abroad in Prague right now. So, I guess that I could say that I am accomplished for my age.
Me trying to pack

Packing nightmares

You know that emotion between excitement and terror? Where you are so excited for tomorrow to begin that you can’t sleep but, at the same time you hide under your covers because you just want to stay in bed forever and not have to face tomorrow? That would be the word to describe my emotional state right now. It’s only two days before I leave for Prague and I am now scrambling to pack everything I need.
girl on path with umbrella

Outstandingly beautiful- a view of Prague

[2014 Study Abroad Blog]- Kelsey Morfitt keeps us up to speed on her time on the USAC summer program in Prague, Czech Republic. One week down, three to go; plus a couple of more weeks touring Europe. I know, life is rough. Last Tuesday afternoon, May 27th, I joined the USAC group for a tour of New Town Prague. We visited New Town Hall where a judge, burgomaster (similar to a mayor), and 13 council members were thrown out of a window from the Hall’s bell tower in 1419. Their political careers ended with a splat (defenestration). Remind me never to practice politics in Prague.