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A taste of Carnaval preview event

A mini-Carnaval at 4:30 p.m., Friday, June 8, outside the University of Iowa Theatre Building will feature music, dance, masks, and puppets, as well as stilt-walkers from Canada's Swizzlestick Theatre. A 2013 Iowa City Carnaval parade is planned, and this preview will enable the public to ask questions and share ideas, and even find out how to build carnaval costumes and floats or become a sponsor for the parade.
top 10 countries

Top 10 Best Countries to Live and Work in: 2012

According to one 2012 expat survey from HSBC, the following 10 countries are the best to live and work in for 2012: Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mexico, Australia, United States, France, China, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. See the graphic below from Infographic Labs for more detail.

Sushi Workshop Wins Program of the Year Award

The University of Iowa has awarded the Mayflower Hall Sushi Workshop with Best Educational Program of the Year Award for 2012. Yume Hikada, International Programs' Japan Outreach Coordinator, held the first workshop in February 2011. Its great turnout and enormous success amongst participants led her to conduct a second workshop in February 2012 that attracted over 100 participants.
Chinese sculpture

Taking the Plunge: Adventures in The People’s Republic

"China?” my dental hygienist asks as she inspects my back molar, “Well, how was that?” The dentist chair is in full recline with my mouth obligingly open to allow her metal tools to prod away. In the end all I can manage is, “oh, it was grood…” It is the fate of every traveler when they return home to be asked that dreaded question – to sum up the experience of a lifetime in a sentence short enough to be uttered between teeth x-rays. But China is a particularly ambitious task, dental impediments aside; I have yet to come up with a good response.

Students explore world cultures through Global Village

Scotland, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Brazil were some of the countries that were presented at the Global Village open house on Oct. 16, 2011. Plenty of multicultural fun was had as students living in the Global Village set up multiple booths around the 8th floor of Mayflower, each one showcasing a different country. Each booth had samples of food from the chosen country along with other cultural artifacts.

April WorldCanvass to focus on Russian and Eastern European women and their aspirations in the 21st century

Join us on April 8 when WorldCanvass guests examine the public and private lives of women in Russia and Eastern Europe during the years since the collapse of the Soviet era. An international panel of guests will highlight the themes of a major conference taking place at the University of Iowa on April 7 and 8 called “20 Years after the Berlin Wall: Women’s Shifting Roles and Status in Post-Communist Europe.”

Van Allen celebrates International Day on Monday

Van Allen Elementary students got to try something different Monday — dancing to Afro-Cuban beats. “It’s cool and different,” said Austin Carter, 8, a third-grader. Van Allen had a school-wide assembly with special guests, the University of Iowa Afro-Cuban Drum and Dance Ensemble, as part of the first annual International Day. The purpose was to expose students to dances, games, art projects and other traditional customs of a variety of cultures.