The University of Iowa

Photo contest winners 2010 (gallery)

October 29th, 2010

Every year International Programs – in conjunction with the Study Abroad office and International Student & Scholar Services – hosts a photo contest for study abroad participants and international students. The winning photos from both categories are shown below.


International Student Winners

1st Place
Photographer’s Name: Mitul Sarkar
Photo Title: Holding Joy
Home Country: India
Major: Pharmacology
Photo Location: Downtown Kansas City, U.S.A.
Quote: “A pet can bring more joy than many worldly gifts sold in stores.”

2nd Place
Photographer’s Name: Dominik Naeher
Photo Title: 100% Iowa
Home Country: Germany
Major: Mathematics
Photo Location: Iowa
Quote: “The people in Iowa are just like their land: open and warm.”

3rd Place
Photographer’s Name: Martin Schlegel
Photo Title: Father and Son
Home Country: Germany
Major: Urban Planning
Photo Location: USA State Fair


Study Abroad Winners

1st Place
Photographer’s Name: Annah Vollstedt
Photo Title: Ponta Negra / Hats
Major: Medicine
Photo Location: Natal, Brazil
Study Abroad Host Country: Brazil
Quote: “A familiar scene on the boardwalk of Ponta Negra Beach in Natal, Brazil.”

2nd Place
Photographer’s Name: Austin Dunn
Photo Title: Swazi Maidens
Major: International Studies, Geography
Photo Location: Lobamba, Swaziland
Study Abroad Host Country: South Africa
Quote: “60,000 virgins dance for the king of Swaziland at the annual Reed Dance Festival.”

3rd Place
Photographer’s Name: Amanda Adams
Photo Title: Unperturbed
Major: Biology, International Studies
Photo Location: China
Study Abroad Host Country: China
Quote: “Boy before Giant Buddha of Leshan.”