The University of Iowa

Peter Shirlow, Stanley Scholarship winner, reflects on his Iowa experiences 24 years ago (video)

July 23rd, 2010

“It’s a small place but it’s a big place.” So says law professor Peter Shirlow from Queens University, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Shirlow isn’t talking about Belfast but about Iowa City, his destination 24 years ago when he won a prestigious Stanley Scholarship to study at the University of Iowa. The Stanley award allowed him to come to the UI for a year’s study and, just as importantly, to Iowa City where he established close friendships that have remained strong in spite of distance and the passage of time.

Shirlow returned to Iowa City in July, 2010 to visit friends and reconnect with the town he’d come to love. In a recent email to International Programs, Shirlow said:

“I am glad to see that the Stanley Scholarships are still in place. I received one of these (1985-86) and spent an amazing year in Iowa City that simply changed my whole life. I went there from Belfast in Northern Ireland during a time of conflict and mayhem. To this day, the friends I made are still good friends. My eyes were open to so many different cultures. I only hope those who fund this programme are aware of how life-changing it is.”

In this video, Shirlow shares his thoughts: