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Passion for fashion

November 21st, 2013

By Siqi Wang for The Daily Iowan

My initial impression of American fashion came from the television show “Gossip Girl.” I used to watch the series during high school when I was in China, and I was immediately attracted to the fashion.

The girls on the show dress in gorgeous clothes, wear high heels, and have their makeup exquisitely done.  The boys wear shining leather-shoes, light colored shirts, and bow ties.

I wanted to have that kind of life, wearing fashionable clothes by top designers. I was charmed by Manhattan’s Upper East Side lifestyle.

I thought everyone in the U.S. would dress this way and that fashion was everywhere. But when I arrived here, the fashion wasn’t exactly what I dreamed.

I was disappointed by what I observed because fashion is, in fact, not everywhere. Instead, it is full of casual shirts, sweatpants, and slippers.

As I’ve gradually begun to experience more of the United States, my mind has changed toward fashion, especially when comparing it with China.

Chinese like to dress up in colorful clothes with many layers, but Americans seem like they would rather dress in sportswear.

Chinese prefer to dress up throughout the entire day, but Americans only seem to dress up for certain occasions.

Many Chinese enjoy dressing up like a little girl, where Americans seem to dress more like independent adults.

Now, after living here for almost four years I realize that fashion is not simply a superficial thing like in “Gossip Girl,” but it is more about an inner attitude toward life.