The University of Iowa

Our inaugural issue!

August 27th, 2009

Fall 2009

There is quite a bit of exciting news to share with you; and I hope you have a chance to read the pieces in this, our first online issue of International Accents!

The most exciting news in our first week of the fall semester is the large numbers of international students we are seeing on campus this year.  Anyone walking around downtown Iowa City in the week before the start of classes would have noticed the amazing diversity on the sidewalks, in the buses, and in the restaurants.  The unofficial, preliminary number of new international undergraduate students (as of August 18th) is 340.  This figure doesn’t include a number of students who registered late.  Compare that figure to last year’s figure (224) and that of 2007 (116)!

If you are new to international education and want to understand what the fuss is, I highly recommend the videos made available (thanks to the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the American Council on Education) here:

Engaging the World

As the website demonstrates, “more than ever, U.S. global competence is essential for responsible engagement in the world, as well as in our culturally diverse homeland.”

That’s all for now.  Stay in touch; send me your comments; and look for more exciting news about our global reach.