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Want To Launch A Successful Startup? Spend Time Abroad

by Jonathan Moed, Forbes. In my time traveling around the world to learn about global startup ecosystems, I have been struck by the quantity and quality of successful businesses I’ve come across whose origin story started with members of its founding team studying or working abroad, and in some cases, whose business model was directly inspired by experiences that occurred during a founder’s time abroad. I set out to uncover what’s behind this trend, and how going abroad can impact business creation and development. Here’s what I’ve learned, including examples of high-growth startups I have encountered throughout my travels.
Photo of Anna Kroeger in Cape Town

First-hand reflections on Day Zero

Anna Kroeger is witnessing preparations for Day Zero first-hand as a UI student studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. Kroeger, a student in the Tippie College of Business, is spending the Spring 2018 semester at the University of Cape Town through IES Abroad.
University of Iowa junior Monzer Shakally meets with attorney Christopher Malloy at the Student Legal Services office in the Iowa Memorial Union on the UI campus on Monday, Jan. 30, 2017.

In the news: Renewed travel ban appears to exclude university students, but apprehension remains

Monday’s Supreme Court decision largely permitting President Donald Trump’s travel ban is unlikely to affect international students at Iowa’s universities any more than the issue already has, according to officials and attorneys. The court signaled it will this fall take up the broader issue of the president’s authority in immigration matters. And around the nation, universities were reviewing Monday’s ruling that appears to exempt college students, faculty and lectures from the ban.

Data can reveal truth of climate change

We live in a world where digital data is almost as pervasive and unnoticed as the air we breathe. We have become an integral part of the Internet of Things; our personal smart items that we carry with us are sensing the world around us and sharing it with other smart things in our environment including our TV, refrigerator, thermostat, car, bridges — the list is ever growing. The amount of data that is being gathered and exchanged is staggering and growing fast. A billion tweets every 72 hours is one example. Collectively, the amount of data in our digital universe — approximately 5 trillion gigabytes — is doubling every two years.

Native American Student Association to stage screening of language loss documentary

At 6 p.m. Thursday, the Native American Student Association will host a screening of Rising Voices/Hótȟaŋiŋpi in W401 Pappajohn Business Building. Rising Voices is a documentary on language loss with Native American groups and modern revitalization efforts to give back a part of their fading culture. It focuses on the Lakota people, part of the Sioux tribes that live on the Great Planes.

Study Abroad office confirms there are no UI students currently studying in Belgium

In light of recent terrorist attacks in Brussels which targeted the Brussels International Airport and metro system, the Study Abroad office has confirmed that there are no UI students studying in Belgium at this time. The Study Abroad office has reached out to all UI students currently studying Europe to offer support and to ask them to confirm their well-being. UI students in Europe are advised to suspend any independent travel to Brussels and to confirm their registry with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) for timely security updates about all locations in any travel itinerary. Additionally, UI students are encouraged to check all travel plans and transportation availability if traveling in Europe. Students should allow extra time to clear security at airports, railway stations, and border crossings.