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In the news: Crossing the ocean for a top-notch writing program

October 3rd, 2019
person writing in book

Kyler Johnson, Daily Iowan

Three exchange students — Samira Erdmann, Yannik Putsch, and Nika Drnovsek — are contributing to the University of Iowa’s status as the Writing University and crafting their own written works.

These exchange students have taken a leap of faith across the ocean, diving into foreign academic and social environments to take a class on writing.

A special-education major in her home country of Germany, Erdmann is studying at the UI for the semester to take a course in a foreign tongue. She said she has always enjoyed writing, but she has not had an opportunity until her semester here to re-inspire her craft.

“Creative writing is something I’ve gravitated to my whole life,” she said. “I remember sitting in the car just writing stories, and it got lost over the years.”

Taking on a new academic experience in the U.S. has given Erdmann’s international voice a chance to play with the deeper side of the English language.