The University of Iowa

Mason expresses importance of study abroad

May 12th, 2011

In a recent Q&A session with The Daily Iowan, UI President Sally Mason discussed the importance of studying abroad and diversity on our campus. See the excerpt below:

Mason: “We know that — and there a lot of studies to back this up — diversity is a tremendous contributor to the learning experience. And I mean that in a very broad sense. It’s not just the learning experience for students, it’s for our faculty, for the community. It benefits everyone. And that’s diversity in a very very broad sense. It’s not just ethnic diversity. It’s diversity of thought, it’s diversity of ideas. It’s diversity in a very, very broad sense. The more of that we have and the more of that we can expose our community members to, the healthier we are all. And I think the more intellectually challenged we are, too. We get to learn how to co-exist with people from other countries, with people from very, very different backgrounds, who look different than you do. And that’s really the way life is, today. People choose different ways of living their life, and we want to be certain we open our students up to the broadest set of experiences that we can. That’s why we’re so hot on trying to get all of you to go study abroad, do something outside the boundaries of the United States of America. That’s why we’re so excited when we put you in internships in other states and other cities, at least for a little while. We like when you come back, too. But all of that, in the end, is part of the broader learning experience that we consider diversity.”

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