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Authored by Marleen Linares


Profile: Dr. Hyaeweol Choi, Stanley Family and Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies

Dr. Hyaeweol Choi describes her academic journey as “rather peculiar and unconventional.”While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Korea in the 1980s, Hyaeweol was deeply engaged in intellectual political movements that advocated Korean scholars developing indigenous ways of knowing and creating a deeper understanding of their own history, society, and culture instead of constantly relying on Euro-American theories and methods. With that background, she was resistant to the idea of going to the U.S. for her advanced studies. However, after being accepted to and receiving a scholarship to SUNY-Buffalo, she decided to take a chance and move to the U.S. When she told her colleagues of her decision, many of them were shocked, some even actively opposed the idea. Still, she decided to take the plunge and now looks back fondly at that decision.
IES Info Sessions Announcement

IES internships provide students with professional experience in a foreign context

Destiny Foster says she’ll always remember leaving the study abroad office and calling her mom to tell her they were going to “need to sell some candy bars or something” because she was going to Spain over the summer. “There was something that told me I needed this experience,” she said. “It was a calling and I had to answer it. I’m so glad I did because here I am, months later, filling you in on my unforgettable journey abroad.”
Lilian Sanchez

"Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity" influences UISG Vice President's platform

University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) Vice President Lilian Sanchez was originally drawn to UISG after realizing the potential for positive change to improve lives for students on campus. “I love living in Iowa City and attending the university because of its wide range of programming, both on and off campus,” she said. “A sense of community is very important to me and I find that here. My love for the University of Iowa community led me to want to give back in any way.”
Joel Barkan Memorial Lecture Speaker: Gautam Yadama

2017 Joel Barkan Memorial Lecture: Gautam Yadama

Presented by Gautam Yadama, assistant vice chancellor for international affairs and dean of the Boston College School of Social Work, the Joel Barkan Memorial Lecture will take place on Wednesday April 12, at 11:00 a.m. in the Senate Chamber of the Old Capitol Museum. The lecture will kick off the 2017 Provost's Global Forum, Women’s Health & the Environment: Going Up in Smoke.
UI Alumna Mila Brassart's graduation photo

International Alumni Spotlight: Mila Brassart

Mila Brassart (B.A. finance; B.A. French; International Business Certificate, ‘14) had one goal for her college years: conquering the French language. “Ever since I was in high school I had the very specific goal of first learning French, and then working for an American company overseas,” the McHenry, Illinois, native said. “Ignited simply by appreciating the language and culture, whilst having the comfort of having American roots.”

New IOWA Club brings Hawkeye spirit to Beijing

Steve Liu (M.B.A, accounting ’02, M.Ac. accounting ‘04) and four other alumni - Yichen Wang (B.B.A. finance, B.S. mathematics ‘14) Jinn Li (M.S. actuarial science ‘12), Joy Chen (B.B.A. finance ‘14) and Ruihao Min (B.B.A. marketing and economics ‘13) - are trying to bring the Hawkeye spirit back to China with the newly-founded Beijing IOWA Club.

Shanghai IOWA Club hosts first event

UI graduate Dong Mao (B.A. accounting and finance ’13) recognized the need for a Shanghai IOWA Club when he attended a Big Ten alumni event earlier this year. He found that many other Big Ten schools had dynamic alumni networks that strengthened alumni connections. “I thought it would be a great idea if Iowa alumni in Shanghai could form their own community and help each other,” the Zhengzhou, China, native said. And so, Mao set his sights on making a Shanghai IOWA Club a reality.