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Authored by Katelyn Balling

international and U.S. students celebrate India Night

Global guests boost local economy

International students and scholars at the University of Iowa contributed more than $101 million toward the state of Iowa’s economy last year, according to data recently released by the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors (NAFSA). NAFSA reports that in academic year 2011-12, international students and their dependents contributed approximately $21.81 billion to the U.S. economy. More than $306 million of that total came from Iowa universities, and while the UI’s international student and scholar population wasn’t the highest of the state universities, the economic impact of UI students exceeded that of the two other state universities combined.
Global Health Studies workshop

Disasters in the 21st Century

How do you recover from a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy, which is estimated to have caused billions of dollars in economic losses, as well as emotional damages from the rising death toll? An upcoming UI workshop will examine several recent worldwide disasters in an attempt to answer that question.
Talks by Professory Carl Ernst

Learn How to Read the Qur’an

For many Americans, the Qur’an is difficult to read, its organization obscure, its messages cryptic or even threatening. This presentation is based on a new book of the same title. Chronological readings of the original sequence of its delivery, exploration of its links to earlier writings, and clarification of the central points of its symmetrical compositions all provide interested readers with new tools for comprehending an undeniably important religious document.
Carnaval in Iowa

What's The Story?

The energy and exuberance of carnaval’s vibrant music, joyful dance, and exhilarating visual displays will soon make its way into our city – and community members are encouraged to get involved in the action. Several events in late October will allow Iowans to come together, share their unique stories, and participate in hands-on workshops to turn those stories into large-scale artistic masterpieces for the 2013 Iowa City Carnaval Parade.
stir-fry project

Music and multimedia mix: Stir-Fry exhibition, Sudanese Community Choir Concert April 27

The collaborative community art project Stir-Fry, which uses art to focus on how people resettle into new communities and cultures, will culminate its semester-long activities with a series of free public events from 5 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, April 27, at the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center Assembly Room, 28 South Linn St., Iowa City. The goal of Stir-Fry is to tell stories of how people came to Iowa from different parts of the world through the visual arts. Throughout the semester, workshops have been held at the Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center. Students from the University of Iowa as well as community artists volunteered to help participants from as far as Liberia, Togo, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico share their stories through mixed media, print making, stop motion animation, and other art forms.
Gusto Lantino

Gusto Latino returns to the UI April 20 for night of Latin music and dancing

Join Salsa Vibe and the UI’s Global Village for a night of salsa dancing, musical performances, and a dance competition at this year’s Gusto Latino. Gusto Latino has been an annual event at the UI for over two decades. It brings together a wide range of students and community members of diverse backgrounds to interact through music, dance, and conversation.

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants share languages and cultures on UI campus

Four Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) have arrived at the University of Iowa where they will spend the next year teaching Turkish, Portuguese, Hindi and Arabic. This year’s FLTAs are Zuhal Kasmer from Turkey, Clarissa Silva from Brazil, Sami Khan from India, and Othman Al Harrasi from Oman. The teaching assistants will serve as cultural ambassadors for their home countries through presentations, classroom visits and other community events. They will also take two courses per semester as non-degree students during their year at the UI.

Student Reflections on Race and Ethnicity: Study Abroad in Beijing (video)

In this video, Rochelle Liu talks about her study abroad experience in Beijing, China. She was able to connect to her extended Chinese family, fulfill requirements for her Chinese minor, and feed her sense of adventure by zip-lining off the Great Wall of China. Liu advises students to be open minded of other cultures and learn to appreciate your host country’s history and people.