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Jetlag and impromptu jogs in Prague

May 29th, 2014

By Kelsey Morfitt

Kelsey Morfitt, of North Liberty, Iowa, is a UI graduate student pursuing her M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning. She is currently studying abroad on the USAC program in Prague, Czech Republic.

girl standing in old square in Czech Republic
In front of Tyn Church in Old Town Square, Prague

I've arrived in Prague- Ahoj (ahoy)!

I'm still recovering from jet lag, but Prague is beautiful.  Two orientations down, one to go.  So far, we've covered a lot of the city on foot and by tram, bus, and the metro (not to mention four flights of cement spiral stairs to our apartment).  I was the only student without a suitcase, instead I had a travel pack on my back (35 lbs), and a backpack in the front (15 lbs) which certainly came in handy going up the stairs and over cobblestone roads.

However, since the staff member on duty didn't have to carry my bags as he did for my apartment suite-mates, this tomboy got talked into running with the staff member this morning.  "Oh, I just run a kilometer or two once a week," he lied.  As it turns out, he was third in state (nation-state?) in high school distance running.  A fast 5k (or more) later, I was dying.  He says he doesn't know why students won't run with him; I'm lucky I'm still walking.

photo of milk, peaches and strawberries
German cereal and my Czech milk... or so I thought. The picture of a cow with the brand "Milkin" is actually a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains (a yeast/bacterial fermentation starter).” I thought it tasted different.

It's time for my last orientation.  Maybe will get real student ID cards instead of studenska chocolate bars this time.

Na shledanou! - Kelsey

P.S. I love the food here!  (And they serve more than fruit).

Still Standing

This morning I woke up singing, "I'm still standing . . . yeah, yeah, yeah."  We ran at a different park this morning and after about 1k, Gieger dropped off from running because his knee hurt from overdoing it yesterday.  He may not be able to run tomorrow because I “crippled” him.  That's OK, I have another victim lined up.

Adowa (pronounced audjoola) wants to run with me and do a 5 or 10k here.  She, Carley and I are planning a trip to Ireland for a weekend. :)

My first class today was Responding to Climate Change.  Carley & I are the only 2 students in the class with a T.A. from Florida, who studied abroad here and never left.  It should be fun!  We're going on a field trip to the countryside with the Global Food Challenge course in a week or two.  I will have two tests, a paper and PowerPoint Presentation to do.  Oh, and readings.  Still plenty of time for traveling!

1. Our classroom
2. Every room and hallway is equipped with a sink and bar of soap!
3. Meal at Cafe Tynska near Old Town Square- strawberry juice, tempura cauliflower and fried chicken
4. My current "student ID card"