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Authored by Jacob Levy

Jacob eating

Chilean sea wolves?

What we English speakers call sea lions Spanish speakers call lobos marinos. Lobo means wolf. For the last couple of days I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to rationalize this in my sunburnt head. When they first saw those chubby mustachioed sea beasts, how did they settle on wolf? In all fairness they don’t really look like lions either. If it were up to me I’d officially change their name to sea bears, or better yet sea puppy dogs.

The continuing story of the giant inflatable duck

The city of Valparaíso has gone duck-crazy. A week before the arrival of our enormous yellow visitor I read the newspaper headlines and laughed, “The Worlds Largest Duck to Arrive in October.” My host mom Emma and her longtime friend and roommate Raul chuckled at the idea of the duck around the dinner table as we ceremoniously enjoyed our post-dinner snack, “once.”
Stretch your legs and make friends with the hill. That’s my strategy. Here you see the plaza below Calle Mackenna. Down there you might find an 80-year-old man hurling an entire cow carcass into the butcher shop. You might find groups of “punking” (pronou

My walk home

My daily loaf of bread and the cheese and shrimp empanadas are catching up to me. It seems I’m getting a nice little tummy. However, my legs have never been stronger. This is because I am lucky enough to live in Cerro (hill) Yungay, one of Valparaíso’s 42 cerros. It’s generally quiet, covered in art, and has a great view of that big blue thing over there we call the Pacific Ocean. Cerro Yungay is run by groups of friendly multi-colored cats and overweight happy pups who come and go from house to house as they please. For this post I want to show the short, but oh so steep climb from the base of my street to my house. I will do so with photos…
Ferris Bueller goes to Chilean prison

Locked up abroad ; )

I chose to study abroad because I knew if I didn’t go for it I would always regret it. I wanted to be completely immersed in a Spanish speaking country and I wanted to live with a host family. I chose to study abroad to meet some of our neighbors in Chile, and hopefully to learn something about myself. Also the empanadas.