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Breaking free from the comfort zone

Moving to another country to study abroad for a year is the definition of getting out of one’s comfort zone. Caitlin and I were both propelled out of our comfort zones as soon as we got on an airplane alone. Luckily, branching out is rewarding as well as challenging. One of my most important goals while studying abroad is to get out of the so-called “American bubble” and challenge myself to meet and talk to students from other parts of the world. This does not mean that traveling with or having American friends while abroad is a bad thing. I am very grateful that I met a fellow Iowa student while here and appreciate that she can relate when I am feeling homesick and want to talk about home. However, the connections I have made with people in Ireland and other international students are equally as important to me and open my mind to new experiences and perspectives. I interviewed Caitlin about her ideas regarding the “American bubble” and her advice for getting out of it.