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In the news: Flag display to recognize important role of international students on campus

Nearly 120 flags will drape the pedestrian bridge behind the Iowa Memorial Union to recognize the University of Iowa’s international students and their significant role in the life of the university. The bridge over the Iowa River will be the focus of Bridging Our World, a five-day display featuring the flags of the 116 countries represented by international students attending the UI during the fall 2018 semester. “Bridging Our World colorfully symbolizes the university’s longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion, and creating a welcoming campus environment for our international students,” says J. Bruce Harreld, University of Iowa president.

Profile: Dr. Hyaeweol Choi, Stanley Family and Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies

Dr. Hyaeweol Choi describes her academic journey as “rather peculiar and unconventional.”While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Korea in the 1980s, Hyaeweol was deeply engaged in intellectual political movements that advocated Korean scholars developing indigenous ways of knowing and creating a deeper understanding of their own history, society, and culture instead of constantly relying on Euro-American theories and methods. With that background, she was resistant to the idea of going to the U.S. for her advanced studies. However, after being accepted to and receiving a scholarship to SUNY-Buffalo, she decided to take a chance and move to the U.S. When she told her colleagues of her decision, many of them were shocked, some even actively opposed the idea. Still, she decided to take the plunge and now looks back fondly at that decision.