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International Student Parent Spotlight: Lea Kien Pua and Chee Kwan Lee (Singapore)

March 13th, 2017
Ms. Lea Kien Pua and Mr. Chee Kwan Lee

Ms. Lea Kien Pua and Mr. Chee Kwan Lee

A thirst for international education may be learned from one’s parents. University of Iowa student Wen Ying Lee from Singapore described her parents who supported her decision of studying literature in a UNESCO City of Literature, as “the two people who inspire me the most.” She wrote that her parents have studied in four countries, strongly believing that one learns the most when one is far from home.

“…[My mother] oversees the education department in Asia and Australia at CA Technologies, and is a full-time loving mother and wife,” Wen Ying states. “My dad is all strength on the outside, but has a soft, caring heart on the inside. He works in the IT department at Johnson Controls who treats everybody as a friend.”

Beyond the family support, international parents Ms. Lea Kien Pua and Mr. Chee Kwan Lee also find time to give back to the community.

“My parents believe in volunteering and giving back to the community in any way possible. They have been distributing food to needy families in Singapore for over 7 years now, and are huge donors on for more than 10 years,” wrote Wen Ying.

Dedicated to their community, work, and family, Wen Ying’s parents are an example of the kind of support University of Iowa international students receive in order to realize their dreams. Wen Ying’s dream was to be in a City of Literature, and a legacy of international education may have led to her realizing this dream.