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Belgian Waffles and International Politics

A couple of weeks ago, I went on another trip through my study abroad program. It was full of many once in a lifetime opportunities, and I think this would be a good time to delve a bit more into what IES European Union is all about. My program is made up of 66 students from universities all over the country. While most of us are political science or international relations majors, there are also economics, business, and environmental majors here. We each take five classes. Each student is enrolled in a German language class as well as an EU integrative seminar.

From stitches to a sunrise

Two days prior to our trip, I had an unexpected adventure in Freiburg. One evening, I managed to slice my knee open on a sharp metal railing at a friend’s apartment. All of you who know my tendency to accidentally get injured are probably rolling your eyes right now. Long story short, it was a bloody mess, and I got to take a ride in an ambulance to a German hospital. After figuring out the insurance and filling out some forms, I got six stitches, a bonus tetanus shot, and I was back home within two hours of the original injury.
Academic Year in Freiburg video screenshot

Academic Year in Freiburg (video)

In this video, two returned University of Iowa students share their thoughts and reflections on their year in Freiburg. The Academic Year in Freiburg is a two-semester consortial program with the Universities of Iowa, Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan and Michigan State. It offers students the opportunity to improve fluency in the German language while taking a blend of program classes and regular German university classes.