The University of Iowa

Fostering global friendships

September 25th, 2014

UI initiatives aim to help students feel welcome, share cultural experiences

From Iowa Now

Sometimes, meeting a new person can be stressful because of the unknown. But that wasn’t the case for University of Iowa seniors Hyejung Kim and Jade Manternach.

Even though their hometowns are thousands of miles away, Kim and Manternach say they knew their introduction through the International Buddies at Tippie program would go well because they already had at least two things in common—the desire to gain a new friend and learn from each other.

The program is one of several initiatives at the UI designed for students from U.S. states and students from other countries to meet, allowing them to share cultural experiences and helping international students adapt to campus life.

“I love hanging out and networking with people,” says Kim, an accounting and finance major from Seoul, South Korea. “I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet with people across cultures who willingly want to get to know each other's viewpoints.”

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