The University of Iowa

Experience Study Abroad: A Shortened Year in Rome

June 29th, 2020

By Hannah Huzzey, Honors at University of Iowa

Just a few weeks into my freshman year, following a particularly exciting Latin class, I decided I was going to spend my entire sophomore year abroad in Rome studying Classics and Archaeology. I discussed the idea with my parents that weekend and, less than a week after the idea came to me, I was in the study abroad office looking into programs and meeting with an advisor. Just a few weeks after applying, I was accepted and ready to start preparing for what I knew was going to be an incredible experience. I knew from the second I got my acceptance email from IES that I was about to start on a journey that would change my life and open up a world of opportunity and excitement, and I was right. The first six months that I spent in Italy were some of the best and most exciting of my life.