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Student Reflections on Disabilities: Escaping the comfort zone

I’ll admit here that when I was applying for the India Winterim Program and for this very scholarship, I had some doubts. I had convinced my family, friends, and professors that participating in the program would be beneficial, but inside I was nervous. Would I get homesick? How would I deal with being immersed in a new culture? Would my new classmates and travel companions like me? In spite of all my worry, I was accepted into the program, and after taking a deep breath, I confirmed my participation in the course

Student Reflections on Disabilities: A learning curve

When I first arrived in Wales I was nervous and a little scared. I had just taken a long journey across the ocean and was now standing in a city I knew virtually nothing about. I didn’t know how to get to the train station, to Swansea, nor the place I’d be living for the next five months. Fortunately, there were friendly people to help me out. Yes, I’m sure I looked silly dragging my bags around from bus to bus asking the driver exactly where it went but now I look back on it with pride. I had no idea what I was doing but I did it anyway and it all worked out. I made it to my flat and was exhausted!

Student Reflections on Disabilities: Visual Impairment

At the beginning I was very frustrated, I wish I would have been more prepared to answer questions. It was not easy explaining my impairments in another language. Also, I was not prepared for the doubt I would have to face from other people. I could see the worry in their eyes when I brought my bike home for the first time. The teachers would ask me everyday if the print in the book was too small. Looking back at it now, it was a tough first few weeks. I really had to give it my all in order to make people believe that I was fully capable of doing everything that a sighted person can do.