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100k Strong

More must be done to ensure a constructive relationship with China

U.S.-China ties are even more important in light of Presidents Obama’s and Xi’s commitment to increasing Mandarin language learning in the U.S.-also known as our 1 Million Strong initiative – which aims to see 1 million U.S., K-12 students learning Mandarin and studying in China by 2020. “The goal is ambitious, but the need is urgent,” observes Carola McGiffert, CEO of 100K Strong, in a recent op-ed.

Resizing China

Beijing is vast. I’ve been here the span of seven Hawkeye football wins, and the city’s vastness is overwhelming at times. The vastness is geographical. At 6,000 square miles – larger than Connecticut – the city’s rings stretch outward into rural villages masquerading as suburbs. Try taking the subway from the northwest corner of the city, where Peking University is located, to Yizhuan Culture Park, in the southeast corner; the bus or taxi through typical traffic will take even longer. The vastness is also historical. It reaches back through Mongol, Chinese, and Manchu dynasties, when the city was passed back and forth among occupiers.

A China Study Abroad Experience in Ten Words

I love words. The paradox of love is it both requires an expression of totality but also one of discernment. When you love a person, the first attribute that comes to mind may be her beguiling smile, the way her voice sounds when she’s flustered, or the beauty mark on her elbow. What I love most about words is their capacity to express exactly what I – who I am in a particular context at that specific moment – would like to communicate. And I think in piecing together these words that contain our truths in their meanings we just may be able to find some kind of ultimate meaning.