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Student Reflections on First-Generation Abroad: Dual-citizen in Spain

Being the first one in my family to attend an American university, I had no idea of the true benefits that studying in other countries can have. I studied in Madrid, Spain, on the Iowa International Summer Institute program, and I learned so much, in the classroom and out. In the four weeks I spent in Spain, I was able to learn so much more then I ever though I would. Being in another part of the world exposes you to another way of life. Study abroad is great for learning about language, other methods of business, politics, and whatever your area of study.

Engaging International and Domestic Students

One of the more significant changes that has occurred during the time I have served in my current position is the tremendous increase in international undergraduate students at the University of Iowa, and indeed across the U.S. And here at the UI we have seen even larger than average increases. The fall before I started as Associate Provost and Dean of International Programs (fall 2007), we had about 400 international undergraduates in total on our campus. This past fall, that number was getting close to 2000.