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Owner Abby Restko

My Biz: Glassando offers wide range of products

While Abby Restko was in college at the University of Iowa, she embarked on a study abroad experience in Venice, Italy. Restko, who was a majoring in marketing with a minor in art, knew then that she should have a jewelry store that offered Murano glass locally. So she opened Glassando in a small space in the Old Capitol Mall just a week after graduation in 2005.
Mark Nolte

Working to build a community of innovation

The hallmark of this new century has been one of disruption. Dynamic change no longer comes in the form of incremental process. New ideas and technologies emerge every day, threatening existing systems and our entire economic structure, while simultaneously creating new opportunities. For those who thought the rise of automation and globalization of the past century were difficult to weather, the near future looks to be even more turbulent. As we endure the frenetic pace of change happening in many aspects of life, we experience impatience in areas where it is not. Right now there are innovators, idealists and entrepreneurs with the courage to rethink every facet of our world. Education, transportation, healthcare, finance and agriculture, all cornerstones of the Iowa City area economy, are in the crosshairs for these disruptors.

Student Reflections on First-Generation Abroad: Setting an example

Not only can an opportunity such as this help students learn more in their relative field(s) of study, but at the same time this experience can help students to understand other cultures and lfiestyles around the world, which in my opinion is something you cannot be taught. Being the first generation in my family to attend a University, and now to have studied outside the U.S., I feel like I have set an example for my family and friends to hopefully follow in the future.

Iowa Orchard hosts international horticulture students

Employees at Iowa Orchard bustled about on a crisp fall morning last week as they prepared to open for the day. The orchard owner not only uses his property to grow fruit, but as an opportunity to teach children and college students about business. Horticulture students around the world learn about working at an orchard at the Urbandale site.