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Students come together for a night of trivia.

Study abroad increases numbers

Studying abroad, both to the United States and overseas, has increased nationally and locally — which some University of Iowa officials say is due to a more interconnected world. “The world is getting smaller,” said Georgina Dodge, the UI chief diversity officer and an associate vice president. “It is becoming easier to travel abroad … [and more] information has traveled between countries.”
A study abroad student standing in front of a city and a mountain

Student Reflections on First-Generation Abroad: Studying abroad and parenting

Because I had my daughter during my sophomore year at Iowa I felt like my study abroad aspirations were going to have to be a memory. This is because I could never bear the idea of being a long distance away from my daughter for a long period of time. But upon discovering the Critical Cultural Competency Certificate program and needing to go on an immersion experience to complete the certificate requirements is when I finally went into the Study Abroad office and inquired information about various Winter Session trips.
Jaime Cezário's Carnaval costume

UIMA offers talks ahead of Iowa City's first carnaval

As part of Iowa City’s first carnaval celebration this summer, the University of Iowa Museum of Art will present two spring-time talks by carnaval designers. The first is by architect and interior designer Jaime Cezário. His free, public lecture will be held in the Old Capitol Museum Senate Chamber from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday, March 25.

Brazil Science Without Borders Program

In January of 2012, approximately 650 of Brazil's top-notch undergraduate students traveled to the United States to study on U.S campuses as part of the Science without Borders program, sponsored by the Brazilian government. The University of Iowa has had the fortune of hosting four participants in this two semester academic scholarship program, and is expecting to host more Brazilian undergraduates in the fall. Below, the four undergraduates have shared some of their thoughts and reflections on life at the University of Iowa.