The University of Iowa

Authored by Bailie Uppena

Welcome to WU! Thought I’d include some photos of the beautiful campus I’ve been calling home for this post

Class comparison: UI vs WU

Ah, studying abroad. I’d often dreamt of what my experience studying abroad would be like—although, ironically, my dreams always lacked any of the actual studying part. I really didn’t spend too much time fantasizing about what classes would be like in a foreign country; I think part of me must have assumed that business courses are the same everywhere. And generally speaking, we do learn the same things: financial and managerial accounting, basic economics, statistics, etc. However, the way in which courses are structured and taught is a bit different.
Just chillin with a mountain

From my desk in Austria

Wow sometimes it’s hard to believe how quickly time passes. I feel as though I’ve only just arrived and yet I’m already a quarter of the way through my exchange semester! I do attribute some of this feeling to the fact that I have yet to begin my actual classes. The semester officially began this week, but my first class isn’t until next Monday.
One of the several courtyards and three of the many tourists at the beautiful monastery in Melk.

Temporarily Viennese

Hello all! For those of whom may be reading this and have not yet had the pleasure of making my acquaintance, my name is Bailie and I’ll be writing to you from Vienna, Austria for the duration of this semester! I’ll be studying alongside hundreds of exchange students from across the globe at the Vienna University of Business and Economics, better known as WU.