The University of Iowa

Avoiding Turkey

June 13th, 2013

With political turmoil roiling Turkey, law students change plans to visit Istanbul

By Tom Snee for Iowa Now

A group of University of Iowa law students was going to visit Turkey this summer to study the tension between Islam and secularism in that country’s legal and political systems.

But those plans had to change once the tension between Islam and secularism exploded into political demonstrations that have rocked Istanbul since May and turned violent this week. The nine students are participating in the law school’s summer program in Arcachon, France, and were scheduled to be in Turkey with professor Adrien Wing from June 13 to June 24.

The students planned to visit Istanbul, Ankara, and Cappadocia, and also study Turkish law in comparison to the legal systems in other European countries, as well as Turkish corporate and business law.

Wing canceled the Turkey trip last week and put together a last minute itinerary to visit Jordan, instead, with the help of Hisham Kassim, a UI law alumnus who now lives there.

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