The University of Iowa

Authored by Astrid Montuclard


Back to Tianjin: a reflection on study abroad friendships

Life’s most special moments often imprint in our memories like Chinese calligraphy ink on rice paper. The past few days, much ink flowed as I re-discovered memories of the past at Tianjin University of Technology (TUT), the place I spent the summer of my twentieth birthday. In 2015, I was one of seven University of Iowa (UI) students who were hosted in TUT for two months as part of a ten-year language exchange program.

Tips for balanced mental and physical health in China

Although both the Chinese government and public are increasingly aware of China’s high prevalence of depression, burnout, and milder mental health concerns, the topic is not commonly discussed on local campuses. Chinese students often do not divulge their mental health status to close friends and family, and from what I have observed, the newly-arrived international students who are eager to integrate, do not either.

“Hangzhou hospitality”: a lesson of humanity.

Seated in the living room of my apartment, 23 stories above the ground, I am watching shapes of light dancing in random movements on the beige wall facing me. Beams of light are coming from the 30-story business building a couple streets away, illuminated through the night to distract the thousands of people living in the dozens of identical skyscrapers surrounding the area. Taking a deep breath, I savor the feeling of being in the so-called “paradise on earth.”