The University of Iowa

Authored by Alyssa Pragovich

All together one last time!

Saying sayonara... or is it "see you later?"

On July 20th, 2017, the KUIS Spring Bekka Program students gathered in Lapaz one last time, for the Sayonara Party. My level (five), chose to dance, while other classes sang, hosted game show quizzes, and created videos. The night was filled with delicious food, laughter, memories, and of course, tears.
Welcome to Kanda! (featuring me, Mette, Nerissa, Karina, and Lorena)

A whole new world inside a dorm: exploring world cultures and language in a foreign country

Hello from Makuhari-hongo International Dormitory in Chiba, Japan! Spring has arrived, marking the start of a new semester at Kanda University of International Studies. When the cherry blossoms opened to welcome the sunshine, they also welcomed planes from all over the world at Narita Airport in Tokyo, dropping off students for the Bekka Program here at KUIS!