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June 24th, 2013

UI law student helps Palestinian youth during internship abroad

By Lois Gray | Iowa Now

Defence for Children International–Palestine

Defence for Children International–Palestine Section
lawyers (left) and two members of Iraq Burin’s village
council (right), a village in the north of the West Bank,
with Drew Craig in the center.

Drew Craig knows when many people think of the West Bank it evokes thoughts of youth hurling stones and military rocket attacks.

Craig, a 2013 University of Iowa College of Law graduate, conjures very different images.

One of the most vivid is a 7-year-old Palestinian girl wearing a bright pink dress. She dutifully stands guard at the edge of her family's farmland—protecting their vegetable fields and olive and almond trees and ensuring military members do not harm her family's only means of livelihood.

"When her family had to go work in the fields, her job was to look out for settlers," Craig says. "She had to watch out for Israeli settlers who would come down to the village, accompanied by Israeli soldiers, and cut down trees, throw rocks, and sometimes fire on rooftop tanks storing drinking water."

Craig says when he was 7, he spent carefree Saturdays watching cartoons.

It was injustices such as these that compelled the 26-year-old to seek an internship abroad, a growing trend at the UI.

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