2014 Faculty Fellow Spotlight: Dr. Bradley Cramer (video)

Bradley D. Cramer is one of four International Programs Faculty Fellows for 2013-14. An assistant professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, he is the project leader of a five-year international research program funded by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and UNESCO. IGCP 591 organizes more than 400 researchers from around the world, representing more than 40 countries, by hosting research symposia and field conferences each year. During this past year, IGCP 591 hosted meetings in Sweden, Argentina, Portugal and the United States. Details of the project can be found at their website www.igcp591.org.

Dr. Cramer chaired a session at the Geological Society of American Annual Meeting in Denver this October, and will be hosting an international symposium on the University of Iowa campus in May 2014. This meeting, titled Who Will Build the 21st Century? -- Addressing Critical Demographic Gaps in the Geosciences and our Ability to Research, Assess, and Utilize our Natural Resources, is sponsored through the International Programs Major Projects Award.