The University of Iowa


The Iowa City area has three local newspapers. Both the Iowa City Press-Citizen and The Gazette are published every morning of the year. Their advertisements can be helpful for learning about garage and yard sales and "sales" at local businesses. University students publish the Daily Iowan (commonly called the "DI") on weekdays when the University is in session. It is a good idea to read The Daily Iowan to keep informed of events and activities on the campus.

The major regional newspaper is the Des Moines RegisterThe New York Times carries more national and international news than any other U.S. paper. The Christian Science Monitor is a smaller paper than the Times and has a higher proportion of international news. USA Today uses satellite technology to publish a weekday newspaper that is available in all parts of the United States. The Wall Street Journal is a major source of business-related news.

The DI is free to all registered students, and is delivered to all student residences. 

The University's main library subscribes to both US newspapers and some newspapers from other countries, and keeps them in the periodical section. Prairie Lights Bookstore, 15 S. Dubuque St., carries newspapers from major U.S. cities.


AM and FM Radio.  Approximately 35 radio stations can be received in the Iowa City area, 13 on the AM band and 22 on the FM band. Most stations characterize themselves by the type of music they customarily play. Thus, most stations characterize themselves as "classic hits," "classical," "country," "rock," "jazz," or "classic rock." Radio stations in the U.S. can be broadly divided into two groups: commercial and public. Commercial stations are supported by advertising, and tend to focus their programming on age groups and consumer groups they believe will buy their advertisers' products. Public stations are supported by government funding and voluntary listener contributions. Stations affiliated with National Public Radio tend to carry more diverse programming than commercial stations, including more news and analysis. Three NPR stations are received in this area.  WSUI, at 910 AM, and KSUI, at 91.7 FM, are affiliated with the UI.  KUNI, at 90.1 FM, broadcasts from the University of Northern Iowa. KCCK, at 88.3 FM, broadcasts from Kirkwood Community College. WSUI programming emphasizes news and information.

KRUI - 89.7 FM, KSUI – 91.7 FM, and WSUI – 910 AM are student-run stations at the UI.

Many stations carry brief, hourly news programs. Most have weather forecasts more than once per hour. WMT (600 AM) is among the official "emergency weather information" stations, carrying information about severe weather.


In Iowa, all public television stations now require either cable subscription, satellite television, or a special antenna capable of receiving digital tv transmissions.

These channels include:

  • CBS on channel 2 or 4,
  • NBC on channel 7,
  • Fox on Channel 8,
  • ABC on channel 9
  • Iowa Public Television on Channel 12

Many of these local channels have subchannels, such as 12.1, 12.2, etc. that may offer a variety of different programs.

With a cable connection you can receive more than 60 channels, depending on the plan you purchase. One cable channel is known as UITV, or University of Iowa Television. Through satellite transmission of a service called SCOLA, UITV broadcasts news and other programs from thirty different countries. All broadcasts are provided in the original language, without English subtitles.  UITV is available on the different channels in different communities. The channels change periodically.  Changes are announced to cable television subscribers.

Mediacom is the cable television franchise owner in Iowa City. Telephone 1-800-332-0245 for information.

Several companies offer satellite television in the Iowa City area.  A Google search of "satellite television Iowa City" will show the companies and their websites.

Numerous online subscription programs are available with an internet connection, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Cell Phones

Buying a Cell Phone

You can buy a cell phone at any of the local department stores, or you can also choose to buy a cell phone when you buy a data plan with a service provider.

Choosing a Plan

Different data plans are provided from different service providers. The most common types of data plans are prepaid and family plan. With prepaid plan, you will pay as you use the service, or pay for unlimited minute for each day. With family plan, you can share your minutes (usually per month) with other devices/phones your family members, or friends have. The host/account holder of the family plan need to manage the account and the billing for the entire family plan. Additional services like connecting your other electronic devices with your phone, setting up the internet might be provided by the service provider. Consult with your friends and talk to a salesperson in the store to learn which plan works the best for you.


Once you have your Hawk ID, you will be able to connect to the UI Wireless Eduroam Network. Please see for more information on connecting your device the school network. If you need further assistant, please visit ITS helpdesk during office hours (semester support hours):8:00am-10:00pm Monday to Thursday, 8:00am – 5:00pm on Friday, 12:00pm – 5:00pm on Saturday, and 6:00pm – 10:00pm on Sunday.

To set up internet service at home, please see this list of Internet Service Providers and a detailed explanation of the types of services available.

Electronic Mail (Email)

Registered University of Iowa students will be assigned a Hawk ID. You can access to your email account by your Hawk ID and password. If you need assistant with your Hawk ID or password, please contact Information Technology Services at, call 319-3844357, or visit 2800 University Capitol Centre (the second floor of Old Capitol Mall).

ISSS will use only your UI email address (generally to send you important information about SEVIS, your immigration status, etc.  If you have a non-UI e-mail address (for example, with gmail or yahoo), please register that address with the UI.  Otherwise you may not receive important e-mail messages sent to you by UI offices, including the ISSS.


Post Office Locations

The main Iowa City Post Office is in southeast Iowa City at 925 U.S. Highway 6; its telephone number is 354-1560. The Coralville Post Office is at 2150 James Street; the telephone is 319-337-8881. Smaller offices are located at 701 Mormon Trek Boulevard in western Iowa City, at 1558 Mall Drive in eastern Iowa City, and at the customer service counters of most Hy Vee grocery stores.

Mailing Parcels

U.S. mail as well as UPS, Fed Ex, and DHL can be sent from Mailboxes of Iowa City.