University of Iowa

Foreign Language Resources

Some proficiency in a foreign language is often needed for international grants and fellowships for research and teaching. The Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures at the University of Iowa is a wonderful resource for language learning. Languages offered include: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Swahili, and American Sign Language. Want to practice conversation in a foreign language informally? See the opportunities below.

Other critical and less commonly taught languages can be studied through the Autonomous Language Learning Network (ALLNet). For more information please contact Elena Osinskaya, Language Initiatives Manager, DWLLC, 111 Phillips Hall,, 319-384-3594.

Foreign Language Evaluations: Please see the list below for UI faculty who serve as evaluators for the languages listed. Students seeking Foreign Language Evaluations for Fulbright and other grant applications for languages not listed should contact those individual foreign language departments in the Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures. These evaluations should be completed by a professional language teacher, preferably a university professor.

Faculty Foreign Language Evaluators

Chuanren Ke, Professor of Chinese, 626 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2156
Helen Shen, Associate Professor of Chinese, 661 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2314
Xiaoyuan Zhao, Lecturer, Chinese language, 630 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2155

Michel S. Laronde, Professor of French, 563 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2264

Glenn Ehrstine, Professor of German,
Sarah Fagan, Professor of German, 526 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2284
Bruce Nottingham-Spencer, Lecturer of German, 567 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2283

Philip A. Lutgendorf, Professor of Hindi, 667 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2157

Yumiko Nishi, Assistant Professor of Japanese, 663 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2159

Sang-Seok Yoon, Lecturer of Korean, 669 Phillips Hall,, 319-353-2204

Margaret H. Mills, Professor of Russian, 638 Phillips Hall,, 319-335-2848

Judith E. Liskin-Gasparro, Emerita Professor,

Want to Practice a Foreign Language?

Here are some opportunities, usually known as "conversation hours" (most are open to all levels, but some are only held during the academic year--please check with departments for updates):

Chinese: Chinese Conversation Corner, 315 Phillips Hall, Contactperson: Xiaoyuan Zhao

German: Kaffeestunde, 612 Phillips Hall

Japanese: Conversation Hour, 612 Phillips Hall

Korean‚Äč: Conversation Hour, 612 Phillips Hall

Russian: Conversation Hour, 612 Phillips Hall

Spanish: Cafecito Cervantes, 612 Phillips Hall (year-round). Contactperson: Gay Allan