Global Health Studies Conference Travel Awards

Funded in part by the Global Health Studies Program


Deadline: February 6, 2017

Purpose of Award

The Global Health Studies Program (GHSP) invites applications from undergraduate and graduate students for a $500 award to attend a global health conference or meeting either in the U.S. or abroad during calendar year 2017.  Two awards will be given:  one to an undergraduate student and one to a graduate student.


All currently registered undergraduate and graduate University of Iowa students may apply,  but preference will be given to students in the GHSP certificate program.

Application Process

Send an online application in the form of a letter containing the following:

  • Your name, major, certificate and degree program, student ID number, email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • The name, purpose, dates, and location of the conference or meeting
  • A short (3-5 paragraph) narrative outlining the academic and personal value that attending the conference or meeting will have for you
  • A budget showing how you will meet the balance of costs above $500, including a list of matching funding sources and amounts (indicate whether funding has been obtained or is still pending).

Submit the application via email to Karen Wachsmuth by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date.

Please consider the environmental impact of your travel.


The award winners will be announced by March 15.

Reporting Requirements

Within two weeks after returning to campus, the traveler must follow relevant University rules in documenting expenses by submitting a TEV to his/her home department and must send a brief report to Karen Wachsmuth for the GHSP steering committee.

Contact Information

Karen Wachsmuth
Associate Director, International Fellowships
International Programs
1111 University Capitol Centre