University of Iowa

At the end of the program, Study Abroad asks that Faculty Directors write a short final report.  Final reports provide basic information about the program and are useful in identifying the program’s successes and difficulties.  This information is key to assisting Study Abroad to plan and coordinate future programs.  It is also helpful for new Faculty Directors.  The key is to give a general overview of what was done during the program, discuss any significant issues and make suggestions for the next program. The final report will be read by Study Abroad staff, and under certain circumstances may also be shared with future Faculty Directors, representatives from other universities that send students on the program and anyone working with the program who may benefit from reading the report.

Due Dates for Submitting the Final Report

Reports on summer programs (six weeks in length or longer) are due by September 15.  Reports for short-term programs are due six weeks after the end of the program. 

Format of Final Report

Faculty Directors should use the following outline as a guide to writing the report.  It is possible that not all topics listed will apply to every program. Personal information protected by FERPA such as student names, academic and/or disciplinary histories should be kept out of the report. If student-specific issues need to be brought to the attention of Study Abroad staff they may be addressed separately in an appendix to the report.


  • Dates of program
  • Number of participants
  • Copy of the program itinerary/schedule

Academic Issues

  • Describe the academic content
  • Comment on the faculty or instructional staff (For example: quality of instruction, relationship with program etc.)
  • Describe the relationship with the host institution
  • Describe the facilities (For example: classrooms and computer labs)
  • Provide suggestions for future programs

Non-Academic Issues

Comment on the following topics:

Housing (director and student)

  • Were needs met?
  • Was it a good value?

Group excursions

  • How were arrangements made?
  • What sites were visited?
  • Any suggestions for alternate sites?


  • What means (phone, fax, e-mail) were available to director and students?
  • Were they adequate?

Student Issues

  • Describe group dynamics.
  • Were there any behavioral difficulties?
  • How were they handled?

Health and Safety Information

  • Were there health issues (specific to the program location) that affected students and/or the director?
  • Were there personal safety issues that affected students and/or the director?

Suggestions for future programs?



Answer the following questions (as applicable):

  • Did the budget meet the program’s needs? 
  • Were there unexpected costs?
  • How was the program advance conveyed to the site by the Faculty Director?  What method was used to access the money?  (Traveler’s checks, cash, overseas bank account, ATM, P-card)
  • Where was the best exchange rate found?  What was the average rate?

Overall Evaluation

  • How well were the programs goals and objectives met?
  • Any general suggestions or recommendations for future programs?