The University of Iowa

Additional Supporting Documents

The following supporting documents are available from the University of Iowa Study Abroad office. Faculty Directors may request any of these materials for their reference:

Accounting Guidelines

This document goes over responsibilities for administering program funds, documenting financial transactions and collecting receipts.

“TIPS” Handbook

This handbook is made available to all University of Iowa students prior to departure on study abroad programs. It contains both academic and non-academic information covered in our pre-departure session for all Iowa students preparing to go abroad, including information about health, safety, cultural adjustment, identity issues and other pragmatic details for planning a successful sojourn abroad. Students attending Iowa programs who regularly attend other colleges or universities in the U.S. may or may not have received this material; other colleges and universities may provide similar pre-departure information for their students, with some variations on home-campus academic policies.

Sample student acceptance and pre-departure materials

The information given to students upon acceptance and during the pre-departure process can often be found on the program web page. If not available online, copies of all materials given to the students on the program can be requested from the Study Abroad office. (At a minimum, these forms include a Health Insurance Memo & Form, a Conditions of Participation Form, and a Medical Self-Assessment Form.)

Program Pre-departure Handbook

Programs that are well-established will often provide a handbook with information specific to the program and program location.

Communication Tree

This document explains in detail the university communication chain for handling and emergency situation involving a study abroad program. The key is to remember that the Faculty Director is primarily responsible for communicating any emergency-related information directly to the Study Abroad office. Study Abroad staff are available to assist in any emergency, 24/7, and will take on the task of disseminating information as needed to others as needed.