Photo Gallery

A photography exhibition by Betul Ulukol, professor of social pediatrics at Ankara University School of Medical, will be on display at the International Programs’ office, 1111 University Capitol Centre, from March 14-28 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. To see a preview of Dr. Ulukol's work, see the album below:

5-year-old Yusuf, from Beypazarı, Turkey, is one of six children in a very poor family. His mother, 30, works and takes care of the children while her husband is imprisoned. The oldest son, 12, works as a shoeshine boy. Photographer Betul Ulukol says although the family is poor, they are very happy. Ulukol helped the family resolve some of the children's health problems in the months after capturing their family photographs, and social services has also stepped in to help. Yusuf is an amazing and clever boy, Ulukol says.