University of Iowa

Provost’s Global Forum Award Recipients

The Provost’s Global Forum is the premier annual event on campus focused on international and global issues.  The Forum brings together experts from a variety of areas to raise awareness about and contribute to debate on the foremost issues in globalization that face us today.  In addition to serving the University of Iowa community broadly, the Forum endeavors to build connections between the University and the state of Iowa, and positions the UI as a national node in discussions of global affairs. Recipients of this award received $20,000 and are supported through the generosity of the Stanley-UI Foundation Support Organization. See below for a list of winning projects.


Against Amnesia: Archives, Evidence, and Social Justice

  • Teresa Mangum, Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies; English; Public; Policy; director, Obermann Center for Advanced Studies
  • Paula Amad, Cinematic Arts
  • Amy Chen, Special Collections, Library
  • Mathew Hannah, Oberman Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Jennifer Sessions, History
  • Miriam Thaggert, African American Studies; English; Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies


Women’s Health & the Environment: Going up in Smoke

  • Jerry Anthony, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Matthew Hill, Anthropology
  • Meena Khandelwal, Anthropology and Gender Studies
  • Marc Linderman, Geography
  • HS Uday Kumar, Mechanical Engineering


The Nation, the State, and the Global Redefinition of Self-determination

  • Adrien Wing, College of Law


The Arab Spring in a Global Context

  • Ahmed E. Souaiaia, Islamic Studies (CLAS) and College of Law


Child Protection: A Global Responsibility

  • Resmiye Oral, M.D., University of Iowa Child Protection Program


Refugees in the Heartland

  • Amy Weismann, UI Center for Human Rights