Special Projects Awards


Funded in part by the Stanley-UI Foundation Support Organization, the International Programs’ Special Projects Awards support internationalization at the University of Iowa by providing funding for small-scale international activities on campus. Past funded Special Projects have included visiting lecturers, speakers, film series, exhibitions, and other public activities that support international engagement on campus.


Special Project proposals are considered on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.


Individuals, programs, and departments formally associated with the University of Iowa are eligible to apply.

Terms of Award

  • Awards, typically at a maximum of $500, must be used for expenses directly related to the funded project.
  • Funds must be dispersed within one year of the award date.
  • International Programs must be listed as a co-sponsor on all publicity materials.

Evaluation Criteria and Selection Process

Proposals for International Programs Special Projects Awards are reviewed considering the following criteria:

  • Impact of event on campus internationalization.
  • Demonstrated support for event through additional sponsorship/funding sources.
  • Relevance to UI students and faculty, particularly those outside the applicant’s home department.

Proposals for the International Programs Special Projects Awards are reviewed by the Associate Dean of International Programs.

Application Process

Send a completed applicationto ip-facultyfunding@uiowa.edu.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the International Programs Special Projects Award, please contact:

Kelly Kadera
Director of Academic Programs