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Volunteers and Donors

Talented generous people who helped to sew or construct costumes:

Professor Andre Harrington, (associate designer and carnivalist)
Jennifer Shook, (who also designed the t-shirt, set up the Facebook page and Twitter links)
Buffy Quintero, (who made 100 birds with Longfellow students, some of whom will join the parade)
Sarah Pipho
Sandra Armstrong
Catalina Armstrong
Adrienne Zimmer
Modei Akyea (will wear the Catlett costume and designed the carnaval website)
Sharon Hude (Made 40 litre bottle flowers)
Jean Florman
Anne Kellermann
Jae Hee Kim
Mohamood Ahmad
Ariane Parkes-Perrett (head painter)
Melissa Gilbert
Jessica Fialko
Tony Zabka
Emma Zhang
Manuela Cretella Foglio
Jingyi Ma
DJ Trunnell
Abby Noelck
Ben Pelzer
Pat Lippi
Mia Miller
Chantelle Mobberley
10,000 Hours volunteers
College of Engineering Community Service volunteers
Cheryl Robinson and Audrey Eastin- both community artists made costumes for the parade.
Carol Casey, and Carol Eldeen volunteered to sew
Dona Saforek,  volunteered to sew and brought a friend to help too

Professor Andre Harrington, California State University San Bernadino, a theater costume designer and my carnaval research associate, will be returning June 5th to help with costume construction and with the parade.

Terry Stevens, Kamilah Stevens, Chaveevah Ferguson, and Lori Ann Dale and the Nzuri Children’s Dance Theater, Waterloo IA- They brought a group and costumes to the parade.

Ethnomusicologist, Cynthia Schmidt, Western Iowa is working with Joseph Mitchell to compose the Iowa City calypso for the parade, to be presented when his band Rhythm Collective plays on the family stage 10 – 11am June 9th.  Cynthia has helped construct costumes, in particular the monarch butterfly wings that were designed by Seattle carnaval designer, Fitzgerald DeFreitas as part of the October 2012 carnaval workshop.

Karen Albertus, Bonnie Jenkins, Louise Wolf-Novak, Nancy Granner & Janann Schiele of the Old Capitol Quilters Guild.  Members donated their quilt designs for the crazy quilt skirt that was part of the gear flower and corn children costume section.

Jeremy Richardson with grad students Hahn & Will of the Biology Engineering Lab.  They created most of the shapes on the costumes with a laser cutter that Richardson built, including the corn kids, the gears, the gear flowers, the limestone fossils, the Elizabeth Catlett inspired masks.

Brazilain Americans, Professor Armando Duarte and Ariadne Gerbasi choreographed a group of women from the North Liberty Curves to dance in the parade, wearing blue and white African fabric costumes.  Duarte has also made costumes, helped with music, and taught dance workshops for the parade.  He and Gerbasi hosted Jaime Cezario when he visited Iowa and have been great collaborators for the project from the beginning 2 years ago.   

Sean O’Harrow who arranged for the Museum of Art to acquire 4 carnaval costumes by Clary Salandy and Jaime Cezario, including 2 for the museums education program, has been a key collaborator on the project. Curator Catherine Hall, Elizabeth Wallace, and Dale Fisher.  The 2 education pieces were on display in the Domby windows Friday, June 7 – 15.  Cindy Fetters.  A Museum of Art donor who also donated paper products to the project.   Madeline Sullivan.  Donated items and gave us ideas about making  small decorative pieces.   She is a Museum of Art donor— the first to support the carnaval project last year

Monarch butterfly wings, worn in the parade, were designed by Seattle carnaval designer, Fitzgerald DeFreitas as part of the October 2012 carnaval workshop.

Carnaval designers Clary Salandy from the London UK carnaval group Mahogany, designed masks based on the Iowa artist Elizabeth Catlett for a large carnaval costume in the parade.

Jaime Cezario, carnaval designer from Rio de Janeiro Brazil designed the globe for the Iowa Children’s museum.

Troy Wilson coordinated the smaba drummer that led the parade.  His group Bossa Maior performed during Children’s Day on the Mainstage.

Manuel Galvez, activist and publisher of the neighborhood publication El Trueque and Evelyn Quezada have organized music volunteers to come together to form the Batucada Latina group Conga Y Timbal, who also played during the parade.

Kathy Last (Summer of the Arts staff) and her sister Gini helped sew the River of Stories-  50 ft by 7ft wide— 116 stories.  5 new panels were added to reflect the story of the river during the May/June flood preparations. 

The Zachary Vickers, Catherine Blauvelt, and the Iowa Young Writers collected stories and drawings from workshops across Iowa.  Their work was included in the Iowa River of Stories quilt.

Penn Elementary School-  made an Iowa story tree for the parade— students wrote stories for the leaves.  They also made carnaval Iowa bird masks with Clary Salandy and Jaime Cezario the professional carnaval designers .

West Branch Middle School/Kristin McElhinney also made Iowa bird masks for the parade.

Nolte Academy of Dance students made butterfly wings, which, like Iowa monarchs, have their own distinct patterns- ones that the preschoolers created.  Beth Brown, Miera Carey, Sarah Vinson, and Sarah Pritchard coordinated the workshops.

Prairie Heights Elementary school, Cedar Rapids/Donna Gwinnup- made quilt squares for the African Egungun-inspired costumes at their multicultural fair.

Seaton Catholic School, Ottumwa/Julie Gentz; Immaculate Conception Elementary school, Charles City/Mindy Hart; and Marshalltown Area Catholic School/Monica Krause- made masks based on characters in the carnaval play that toured last winter produced by the Theatre Arts department’s Darwin Turner Action Theatre Outreach group.

Rebecca Bos, Elise Charles, Daniel Kinney, and Tiffany Carr in Art Education did a project entitled Folding Cranes, Sharing Stories with Timber Ridge Elementary, Johnston; Emily Slatterly-Phillips Durant, Durant; Caitlin Alexander City High, Iowa City; Mt Pleasant High School donated the folded origami cranes based on the story of the Japanese girl Sadako Susaki and her legendary wish for peace after WWII.  Students wrote their own stories and put them in the cranes.  This follows the theme of the parade, Iowa stories.   The cranes were used on one of the carnaval costumes.

Anne Schularick coordinated the West High School MLK Teachers Training workshop introduced teachers to carnaval and the parade project.

University of Iowa classes that have contributed stories to the Iowa River of Stories include classes taught by Lena Hill, (African American Studies/English), Sydne Mahone, (Theatre Arts) Jennifer Shook, (English), Ana Merino, (Spanish Creative Writing) and Claire Fox, (English).  My Costume II and mask and Puppetry classes this past Spring also contributed to costume construction.

Deborah Dunn, formally at the Iowa City Public Library was very helpful with carnaval programming 2011 - 2013 and an exhibition at the library.  Vickie Pasicznyuk at the library helped with the carnaval booth at the Arts Festival Children’s day.

Robin Armstrong and kids at the Pheasant Ridge Neighborhood center made costumes for the parade.  Sheyla Shreck of the Broadway neighborhood center and the Mark Twain afterschool program also arranged for students to make costumes for the parade.

John Englebrecht, Kalmia Strong, and Ps-z artists helped with the project last Fall and volunteered the Waverly Center space for the staging area prior to the parade.

Jefri Palermo and Susan Murty of the School of Social Work have both been life savers on the project, proving space due to the flood preparedness

Mickey Hampton, Kim Hanrahan, and several United Action for Youth groups are participated in workshops including, Teen Moms and GLBTQA.  They made headdresses and hats for the parade.

Combined Effort Theatre Company that focuses on working with actors with disabilities marched in the parade.