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Mandarin Chinese Level 1

中文 For beginner students who are new to Chinese language learning or would like a review of the basics.

Mandarin Chinese Level 1 is designed for students new to Mandarin Chinese or returning students determined to improve pronunciation and Mandarin-language-study fundamentals. Students will learn the Mandarin Romanization system, Pinyin, and will work on reading Pinyin, learning to pronounce Chinese words, and perfecting pronunciation. Students will be introduced to 35 Chinese radicals (basic written characters). Students will also learn basic vocabulary, greetings, introductions, travel, shopping, weather and more!

Enrollment is open to adults age 13 and up!

Course time: TBD
Location: TBD
Tuition and Materials:  TBD
Course instructor: TBD


Mandarin Chinese Level 2

中文 For beginner students who are already familiar with the Chinese Romanization system, Pinyin.

Continue learning Mandarin Chinese with the Confucius Institute! Mandarin Chinese Level 2 will focus on speaking and listening. Students will be introduced to some Chinese characters. The topics of this course will include: making friends, asking for directions, bargaining, and more!

Mandarin Chinese Level 2 is designed for students who have already learned the Chinese Romanization system--Pinyin, and have learned some simple daily life conversations such as: greetings and introductions. Students enrolling for this class should know around 150-200 vocabulary words in Chinese for this course.

Enrollment is open to anyone age 13 and up!

Course time:  TBD
Location:  TBD
Tuition and materials:  TBD
Course instructor:  TBD