University of Iowa

celebrating this year's Peace Corps Invitees!

Congratulations to all who have recently been invited to serve with the Peace Corps! Read more about what these selected individuals hope to accomplish in their upcoming Peace Corps service. 


Degree: Master of public health/community and behavioral health

Peace Corps Country: Cambodia

Peace Corps Project: English Teaching

“I am most excited to immerse myself in another culture that is so different from the one that I have experienced for the past 23 years. I really love learning about other cultures and Asian culture is one that I have yet to explore.”


Degree: studio art

Peace Corps Country: Uganda

Peace Corps Project: Community Agribusiness Coordinator

"My advice for anyone considering the Peace Corps consists of three things. Talk to your family and friends, do your research, and be flexible!" '









Degree: mathematics

Peace Corps Country: Sierra Leone

Peace Corps Project: Secondary Education Math Teacher

"My goal has always been to ultimately work for a non-profit or NGO dedicated to helping people build their capacity to improve their lives, whether domestic or international.  I believe that Peace Corps service can expose me to a range of ideas on how to make that happen, give me the experiences and skills that will enable me to make a real contribution, and at a deeper level, inspire me to keep moving in that direction."









Degree: sociology with a criminology track, and gender, women’s & sexuality studies; minor in Latino/a studies

Peace Corps Country: South Africa 

Peace Corps Project: Primary School English Teacher

"Along with seeing how impactful the Peace Corps is through the stories I head from my Grandpa Joe, who served in Honduras in 1965, I also was motivated to join because of the sense of adventure it brings. I’m not only excited to become an English teacher, but also to learn and take in the many different cultures that South Africa has to offer." 








Degree: human physiology; minor in global health

Peace Corps Country: Indonesia

Peace Corps Project: English Teaching

"I am very excited to get to know my students and become engaged in a new community that is very different from the one that I have grown up in. I have always wanted to volunteer or work abroad for an extended period of time. The Peace Corps offers this while highlighting the importance of being a global citizen and creating long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships. I believe it will be a life-changing and eye-opening experience. I think I will come out of it more knowledgeable about the world and open to new experiences, as well as be more empathetic and able to communicate across barriers- something that will not only benefit me in my future career as a physical therapist but overall as a global citizen as well."


Degree: international studies 

Peace Corps Country: Uganda 

Peace Corps Project: English Literacy Teacher

I applied to the Peace Corps because I wanted to use my skills in order to serve those abroad and I think the Peace Corps will impact my future by allowing me to develop new technical skills in order to succeed in the public health and educational field. I am also excited about living in a culture different from my own.