Student Organizations

Below is a list of student organizations at the University of Iowa focused on cultural or international issues along with descriptions of their purpose or goals. If you would like to submit updates or additions to this page, please email

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African Student Association

1) Create a community for African Students away from home 2) Stimulate interest in African affairs among Africa as well as non-African at the University and its surrounding communities 3) Promote awareness of the African people and their cultures

ALMA (Association of Latino's Moving Ahead)

To bring Latinos together to be active in school, with the surrounding community. To bring a sense of community among the students by offering community service, social activities and cultural awareness to The University of Iowa.

American Indian Student Assoc.

The purpose of the American Indian Student Association is to promote, advance and support Native American student academic success, retention and social activities and to serve as an academic, cultural support system for the Native American community and the community at large"

Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected for everyone. We believe human rights abuses anywhere are the concern of people everywhere. Outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world, we work to improve people’s lives through campaigning and international solidarity. Our mission is to help prevent and end grave abuses of human rights and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. Our vision is of a world in which every person - regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity - enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. Join us in our demand - all rights for all people!

Anime and Manga Club

The purpose of this club is for students to watch, discuss, and otherwise enjoy Japanese animation and video games. It's also a place for to make new friends. We're a very casual little organization, so feel free to drop by and enjoy some anime with us!

Arab Students Association

The purpose of the group is to increase awareness of Arab culture history, traditions, and current issues. To expose the UI community to events and activities that would promote diversity and cultural exchange. Through a series of cultural events, the group will work on strengthening the bonds between members of the UI community. Also, to promote dialogue and exchange of cultural ideas and collaboration with other student organizations on campus.

Asian American Coalition

We are dedicated in building a stronger Asian American community both on and off campus by motivating YOU to immerse yourself in becoming more active in an ever growing diverse world.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is where students dedicated to unifying and uplifting our community members and promoting a constructive interest in the rich and diverse culture of the African and African-American community at the University of Iowa can contribute and build togetherness.

Chinese in Iowa City (CIC)

CIC is a service organization that helps Chinese students with their daily life and study in Iowa City. CIC uses its website to post latest information such as housing, textbook, car rental, etc. Also, we will organize activities like "second-hand stuff exchanging", "meeting new friends", etc. on a regular basis. Join CIC, get to know more about Iowa City!

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

To promote friendship among Chinese student, American students and other UI students. To provide opportunities for cultural understanding and exchange on and off campus. To serve as a liaison between Chinese students and university and local community. To hold large scaled events regularly, such as the Spring Festival gala and the Mid-Autumn Festival Banquet.

Czech Connection

The goal of the Czech Connection is to explore aspects of Czech culture, language, and literature. We will educate students on Czech history and politics, promote interest and education of Czech issues and current events, and analyze the relationship between the Czech Republic and the global community.

English Club

English Club is a fun and encouraging environment for international students to practice their spoken English and to meet new friends.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

To actively seek to eliminate injustices and inequities based upon gender through nonviolent activism, education, public awareness campaigns, and community service.

German Society

The German Society is a student organization whose purpose is the promotion of the language and culture of German speaking people across the world through academic and recreational activities.

Global Assessment Certificate Community in University of IOWA

The Multicultural Association for Global Assessment Certificate graduated

Global Buddies

The program is sponsored by the Study Abroad in International Programs. It is designed to match incoming international exchange students with domestic students on campus in order to facilitate a very personalized cross-cultural learning experience. The students, who are matched based on common interests, commit to meeting with their global buddy at least twice per month to share a meal, attend concerts and/or movies, attend sporting events, shared knowledge, and build friendships etc. "

Hawkeye Bhangra

The mission of the Hawkeye Bhangra dance team is to promote awareness and education of Punjabi culture within the University of Iowa and the Iowa City community. This mission will be accomplished by performing bhangra at various functions throughout the area, including Diwali, Nachte Raho, and other cultural events in the greater Iowa City area. In time, Hawkeye Bhangra also seeks to compete at regional dance competitions.

Hispanic Dental Association

The purpose of the HDA is to facilitate, promote and improve the oral health of the hispanic population in Iowa. The HDA also works to encourage young men and women to consider careers in the dental health professions. We accomplish these goals through education, recruitment and the use of outreach programs in local communities and mission trips."

Indian Student Alliance

Welcome to the Indian Student Alliance [ISA] at the University of Iowa. We would like to welcome all members and newcomers on behalf of the Indian community at Iowa. As one of the largest organizations on campus, we represent over 850 students, faculty, staff, and community members. ISA is not strictly for South Asians, we welcome all with a shared interest in Indian culture. We pride ourselves on our adherence to the principle of unity in diversity. As one of the most dynamic and prominent student organizations on campus, there is no better way to get involved than joining ISA. ISA hosts a series of cultural, educational, social, and charitable events designed to promote communal unity. Whether you would like to be involved in coordinating performances, organizing service activities, or simply attending events, we strongly appreciate and encourage your participation. Please take the opportunity to navigate through our website to learn more about our members and the functions of our organization. Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Japanese Cultural Association

Fortifying and expanding individuals' interests in Japanese language and culture through interactions with members of the Japanese community and exploring all aspects of Japanese culture.

Japanese Students and Scholars Club

To establish a foundation to assist Japanese students and scholars in acclimating to the academic life at UI. Japanese Students and Scholars Club (JSSC) provides the place for exchanging information, and forming friendships. By interacting with UI Japanese program, Japanese Cultural Association, and Iowa City Japanese School, we contribute to improving the opportunity to learn Japanese in the State of Iowa, and increasing the understanding of Japanese culture of community.

Jewish Law Students Association

To provide social, educational, religious, political, cultural, and professional resources and opportunities for all Jewish students at Iowa Law. 2.To educate and involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of law. 3. To plan and implement programming in any or all of the above areas in order to facilitate a sense of community among the Jewish law students at Iowa Law. 4. To maintain a Jewish presence at Iowa Law and to raise awareness of Jewish cultural and educational issues at the law school."

Korean American Student Association

The purpose of the Korean American Student Association (KASA) at the University of Iowa is to introduce and offer students an opportunity to see the different facets of the Korean culture. Through educational, community and social activities, KASA will provide a place where students will learn about the Korean heritage and form friendships through their interest in the Korean culture."

Korean Undergraduate Students Association

To meet and interact with fellow Korean students. We will form study groups among the different majors. Help merge both international students with Korean-Americans and learn about the different cultures!!

Latina/o Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the Latina/o Graduate Student Association (LGSA) is three-fold: a) To encourage professional collaboration and professional development of Latino/a graduate students. b) To facilitate a community of social and cultural support for Latina/o graduate students across departments at the University of Iowa. c) To provide a vehicle for Latina/o graduate students to support the University of Iowa and surrounding communities, particularly the needs of Latina'o community.

Latino Law Student Association

The Latino Law Students Association (LLSA) aims to promote, encourage and increase the number of Latinos in the legal field and to enhance the legal education of Latinos. The purpose of LLSA is to promote, encourage and increase Latino enrollment at the College of Law; to be committed to the improvement of legal services to the Latino community; to provide time and skill in assisting those programs which require some measure of legal expertise; to educate and involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of law.

Malaysian Student Society

To organize activities for all members, participate in cultural events organized by the University. To assist new students from Malaysia.

Middle Eastern Law Student Association

The purpose of MELSA is to increase student and faculty awareness of issues pertaining to the Middle East and their impact on the legal profession.

Multicultural Business Student Association

MBSA believes that diversity is imperative in our global economy. We work towards promoting diversity through educational events, networking sessions, and professional development. We strive to make our members aware of internship/career opportunities that are available across a wide range of employment fields. In addition, we want to create a cultural awareness that will improve international business and diversity in the workforce.

National Organization for the Professional Advancement/Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers

NOBCChE is committed to the discovery, transmittal, and application of knowledge in the fields of science and engineering. The mission of NOBCChE therefore is to build an eminent community of scientists and engineers by increasing the number of minorities in these fields. NOBCChE will achieve its mission through diverse programs designed to foster professional development and encourage students to pursue careers in science and technical fields. To this end, NOBCChE will establish educational partnerships with school districts, municipalities, businesses, industries and other institutions and organization in the public and private sectors.

National Society of Black Engineers

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

Organization for the Active Support of International Students

Organization for the Active Support of International Students (OASIS) is a University of Iowa student organization, which gives voice to the rich diversity of international students present on the UI campus. Goals of this organization include: helping students develop a sense of belonging, facilitating collaboration between the various nationality groups on campus, and increasing communication between UI administration and the international student body at large.

Persian Student Organization

To increase awareness of Persian history and culture through a series of events and activities, also to act as a support group for Persians in the community, and create a forum for the exchange of ideas pertaining to Persia, (there is no political or religious goal, only to create awareness and appreciation for human diversity.)"

Portuguese Language Club

To create an environment and group in which people feel comfortable to speak and share the Portuguese language.

Romanian Cultural Organization

Our purpose is to preserve and share the Romanian culture, language and traditions, in an open environment that will create opportunities for friendships through a series of events and activities.

Society of Black Graduate & Professional Students

BGAPS's purpose is to provide a social outlet for African-American graduate students at the University of Iowa. We also support our undergraduate students and open our events to the community.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

SHPE helps promote diversity in the community and helps it members network.

Student Model United Nations

University of Iowa Student Model United Nations is a great way for students to learn more about international relations and the United Nations while meeting new people, developing public speaking and research skills, and traveling around the country for various conferences, including American Model United Nations in Chicago."

Taiwanese Student Association

a. To promote culture exchange and to enhance mutual understanding with the global community. b.To promote social activities for students, faculty, and others who come from Taiwan, c.To promote public awareness of the concerns of Taiwan and its people from the standpoint and interests of Taiwanese. d.To provide a forum for exchanging research findings or expertise in cultural, social, economic, educational, and political developments in Taiwan.

Thai Student Association

To unite Thai students at The University of Iowa. To assist new Thai students. To contribute Thai culture and participate in any multicultural activity at the UI.

The Iowa Edge Student Organization

The purpose of the Iowa Edge Organization is to provide year round academic, social, and volunteer programming for all students, with a focus on students of color, first generation students, and specifically Iowa Edge Alumni. This organization is not exclusive to those mentioned previously. Anybody who wishes to join may do so. This is a student organization created by Iowa Edge Alumni and Iowa Edge Peer Leader Alumni for students who participated in the program. The ultimate aim of our initiatives are to increase student retention, student diversity, and the quality of student life at The University of Iowa.


TransCollaborations is an organization open to all trans-identified people and allies of the trans* community in Iowa City and beyond. Our work is aimed towards promoting education, outreach, civic engagement, and community building centered around gender identity and addressing intersectional forms of oppression. The primary focus of this organization is to plan and implement the annual UI TransWeek. We welcome all trans-identified folk, allies, and community members to join. We will also consider requests to conduct educational workshops on the UI campus and in the Iowa City community, in addition to speaker panels for engaging in dialogue around transgender and gender identity-related conversations.

Turkish Student Association

The association aims to establish close ties between the Turkish minority, the local community, and other groups. It also aims to promote the present Turkish culture in the Iowa City and University of Iowa communities, thus enhancing the wealth of these communities in terms of global understanding.

University of Iowa United Nations Association

The University of Iowa UNA is a student organization that promotes the goals and values of the United Nations and promotes understanding of international issues. It is dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, strengthening the United Nations system, promoting constructive United States leadership in that system and achieving the goals of the United Nations Charter.

Vietnamese Student Association

Our goal is to raise awareness of the Vietnamese heritage and culture, promote cultural diversity and cultural competency, enhance fellowship between the Vietnamese youth and communities, plan community and campus-wide cultural events, raise money for various philanthropies locally and internationally, and work on professional and personal development by going to leadership retreats and conferences.

Walk It Out

This Multi-Cultural Fashion Show emphasizes diversity and cultural fusion. The goal is to display the unique attire of different cultures as well as to unite them in a single showcase event. We recognize that the University is privileged enough to have such a collection of distinctive cultures, and it naturally follows that the next step is to utilize that diversity in order to benefit our students, faculty, and community. The show is typically held during the spring semester.