The University of Iowa

Show Us the World Through Your Eyes 2010 Photo Contest

2010 American Views Abroad Winners

1st Place

Annah Vollstedt - "Ponta Negra/Hats"
Photo taken in Natal, Brazil
Major: Medicine
"A familiar scene on the boardwalk of Ponta Negra Beach in Natal, Brazil."

2nd Place

Austin Dunn - "Swazi Maidens"
Photo taken in Lobamba, Swaziland.
Major: International Studies, Geography
"60,000 virgins dance for the king of Swaziland at the annual Reed Dance Festival."

3rd Place

Amanda Adams - "Unperturbed"
Photo taken in China
Major: Biology, International Studies
"Boy before Giant Buddha of Leshan."

2010 International Students Views of the US Winners

1st Place

Mitul Sarkar - "Holding Joy"
International student from India majoring in Pharmacology
Photo taken in Kansas City
"A pet can bring more joy than many worldly gifts sold in stores."

2nd Place

Dominik Naeher - "100% Iowa"
International student from Germany majoring in Mathematics
Photo taken in Iowa
"The people in Iowa are just like their land: open and warm."

3rd Place

Martin Schlegel "Father and Son"
International student from Germany majoring in Urban Planning
Photo taken at USA State Fair

"International Ink" 2010 Essay Contest

First Place

Lauren Katalinich - "Finding My Place on the Street"
Studied abroad in England
Major: International Studies, French

Second Place

Kaitlyn Williams - "Spanglish"
Studied abroad in Spain
Major: Global Health, Spanish

Third Place

Victoria Messina - "Sevilla Confidence Boost?"
Studied abroad in Spain
Major: Cinema